Sandstein schützen, Innen und Aussen


Die Frage:

Wir haben uns gerade eine Terrasse mit Sandsteinplatten (Oberfläche rauh, behauen) belegen lassen. Jetzt will ich die Platten zum Schutz imprägnieren. Mit dem Rest der Platten haben wir im Wohnzimmer einige Zierflächen um Blumenkübel herum angelegt. Was soll ich nehmen, was für Draussen und für Drinnen geeignet ist?

Das Steinpflege-Team antwortet:

Am schnellsten und einfachsten erzielen Sie gute Ergebnisse, wenn Sie von KLENAX® den Nano-Por – PNP verwenden. Der KLENAX – PNP ist eine leistungsstarke, wasserabstoßende Nano-Imprägnierung für offenporige Natur- und Kunststeine auf Wasserbasis. Er enthält keine Lösungsmittel und ist daher ideal für den Einsatz im Innenbereich geeignet, da somit die Geruchsbelästigung beim Austrocken/Verdunsten des Lösungsmittels wegfällt. Das macht ihn aber nicht automatisch ungeeignet für den Einsatz im Aussenbereich, ganz im Gegenteil. Den KLENAX – PNP können Sie ebenso gut für Ihre Gartenterrasse verwenden.

Eine Imprägnierung hält aber nicht ewig. Je stärker die Nutzung der Fläche ist, umso schneller verschwindet die Schutzwirkung der Imprägnierung mit der Imprägnierung selbst. Wenn Sie die Terrasse also intensiv nutzen wollen, sollten Sie eher eine Kombination aus zwei leistungsstarken Profi-Imprägnierungen verwenden, damit Sie nach einer einzigen Sommersaison mit einigen Grillfesten nicht im kommenden Frühjahr wieder alles neu imprägnieren müssen.

Im ersten Arbeitsgang tragen Sie den KLENAX® Primer – PR auf. Diese Vorimprägnierung schliesst und verfestigt die Porenräume des Sandsteins, ohne aber die notwendige Dampfdiffusion verlieren. Gleichzeitig wirkt der KLENAX – PR auch antifungizid, so dass sich Moos und Algen nicht festsetzen können. Durch die Verfestigung des Sandstein wird vor allem der physikalische Abrieb der Steinoberfläche verringert, so dass weniger Verschmtzung durch Gesteinsstaub entsteht und dadurch auch die in Schritt 2 länger hält.

Die eigentliche Schutzimprägnierung wird dann im zweiten Arbeitsgang aufgetragen. Der KLENAX® Steinschutz Plus – PP ist ein hochwertiger Schutz für saugende Untergründe wie z.B. Sandstein. Neben einer schmutzabstoßenden Wirkung bewirkt der KLENAX – PP eine leicht farbtonvertiefende Wirkung, so dass der Sandstein „frischer“ und „kräftiger“ wirkt. Gleichzeitig wird auch ein guter UV-Schutz aufgebaut, so dass die Terrassenplatten durch intensive Sonneneinstrahlung nicht so schnell ausbleichen.


Sandstein ist ein toller Steinboden für eine Terrasse! Wie intensiv ist jedoch die Pflege, da es ja ein saugender Untergrund ist? Wie oft muss imprägniert werden?

In awe of that anrwes! Really cool!

OstatnÄ›, klíčové je, že v Bibli není otroctví NIKDE odsouzeno. Ani v jediném verÅ¡i, ani ve Starém ani v Novém ZákonÄ›. Není vůbec od vÄ›ci zmínit, že se na to odvolávali mnozí duchovní v 19. století, kdy se diskutovalo o zruÅ¡ení otroctví. TÅ™eba Rev. Alexander Campbell napsal:“V Bibli není ANI JEDEN verÅ¡, zakazující otroctví, ale mnoho veršů které otroctví regulují. Z toho usuzuji, že otroctví NENÍ NEMORÁLNÍ.”

James,I am sorry to hear you and Simon Johnson wasted weeks or months of your life by writing a book that will make all of us worse off. One would assume someone like the two of you would have heard of something akin to “monetary sovereignty”, but judging by the topic of your book it’s quite apparent you haven’t.

Cherry: no way!!! (I tried to edit the wiki page but I couldn’t, will have to experiment)Mooiness: great rules. I still don’t know who my target audience is but I think I’ll resolve that by working out what it is I’ll write about If I wasn’t so identifiable here (anyone who really wants to know can probably do a bit of fossicking around and work it out!) I would talk about work. I’d have to start a new anonymous blog… but then writing about work would probably make my blood pressure rise so it’s probably a good thing not to write about it!

It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this excellent blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

Wahou génial!!! J’adore!! C’est super mimi!!! Tous les basiques sont là et moi ca me plait!!! Gros bisous ma belle!! (ah c’est bon tu es dans ma BR!! Gros bisoussssssssssssssssss

ktoÅ› mi już kiedyÅ› mówiÅ‚ o takim poÅ‚Ä…czeniu – nie wiem, czy to nie byÅ‚aÅ› Ty :)i chyba nawet próbowaÅ‚am, ale nie jestem pewna.. zatem powtórzÄ™ test niebawem (dla dobra nauki oczywiÅ›cie 😉

Bill, this is off-topic, but I was wondering what your views are regarding an ecological tax shift? This would entail taxing pollution, resource extraction, a land-value tax, etc. I understand that under MMT taxes only control aggregate demand, so couldn’t such a shift produce tangible benefits for the economy and the planet’s health as a whole?

thank you for sharing your story…i thought that i was the only one who has this disorder… i hope my social anxiety doesn’t continue until i graduate college… sigh. thanks alot! :>

Les filles aiment le rough aussi, c’est juste qu’elle ne le dévoile pas.Ya sûrement plein de filles qui se demandent comment ça se fait que leur chum ou leur prospect les traite comme une poupée de porcelaine quand ils baisent.

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La primera foto la voy a guardar como inspiración para mi próxima casa. Cuando me mude a un depto en BA, quisiera lograr ese tipo de ambiente. GRacias por la inspiración!!

Dick (Ole) will be missed by all. We are so sorry to hear of his passing and sending huge hugs to our darling Rita. I am sure that Dick is somewhere in heaven, wearing his moose hat and skiing the slopes once more.Although I will not be able to attend, I send my sincere sympath to Dick’s family and especially Rita.

September 9, 2012 at 8:05 pmSpencer,In your reply to the first comment you said, “In the end I could wind up with the same number of Siri shares I had, while having gotten some of them at a discount”. For example, if I have 1000 shares of Liberty, is there a way to estimate the number of Siri shares I will receive when Liberty spins off it’s Siri stake to shareholders ? Reply

it cannot find digester. When I put digester in there, JBoss wont even start up.I am using JBoss 5, Eclipse 3, and JR 0.6.6. Any help would be great! Thanks much.

Hak penjagaan selalunya jatuh kepada pihak ibu…selalunya la kan..huhu..baru je jumpe jimmy masa g class tadi..x macam susah hati pun;)Hot debate. What do you think? 15  16

okae 2 finish thx ….churchil go 2 hel u jx fuckd up….therz no xul lyk KUTAMA……we judge acodin 2 academics,sports,infrastructure,enrolment etc…dnt tel us abou saintx o ph coz ther r many whites tht duznt min it rockx…..1.kc johns 3.chisipite 4.arundel 5.saintx 6.falcon 7.heritage 8.H.I.S. 9.dc 10.peterhouse so thtx e list n itx final…u supot cbc buh twa has it dun since itx existence tht w cn apreciate? As wl as petra o gc? dnt jx prat..via facebook -Tinotenda Mahiya

I already sent The Gap an e-mail thanking them for their fabulous ad. They have nothing to fear from this silly boycott. It’s not like anybody from OMM ever shopped at any of their stores as they don’t sell frumpywear.

  workingclassherohuff. I dag var jeg lat, veldig skuffet over meg selv. Tror jeg er blitt den nye komfortløperen, er jeg pÃ¥virket av selveste Mosjonisten? Ser i hvert fall ut som om jeg trenger noen til Ã¥ presse meg om jeg skal klare ta i. Er nødt til Ã¥ ta en alvorsprat med meg selv om jeg skal klare mÃ¥let pÃ¥ lørdag.bra satset i dag Espen, friskt Ã¥ Ã¥pne sÃ¥ langt under planen. Du subber straks 12 (Y)

We love the z-vibe with the soft textured spoon tip. The whole kit is a must-have, but the spoon gets used the most for texture sensitivity. It’s really helped improve chewing skills, and lessen gagging.

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das mit dem Pink ist wohl eine komische Sache, frage mich, wann das wieder zu ende ist… es wirkt irgendwie blendend, aber wenn Thorsten so die Krebsvorsorge unterstützt ich denke, wir müssen einfach stark sein

And, the fucked up thing to add to his horror is he will STAY in jail until some judge, after years of inquiry and appeal, will finally order his release….Again, aint no „justice“ in our criminal system!

Hooo bagusan mana sama kamera K850i? Hape saya itu, dan cukup puas dengan hasil kameranya, 5MP. Bisa foto makro, lumayan bagus.

Ah ces fonctionnaires qui sont la plaie de la France, qui l’empêche de vivre au rythme de chacun (chacun le sien bien sûr), vous en avez pas marre de ressassez toujours la même chose et de vous réfugier derrière eux au moindre pet de travers de la mondialisation chérie.Je suis issu de l’économie bien concurrentielle, mais vous lire est à pleurer.

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C’est peut être vrai. Je me souviens de mes classes surchargées déjà, à comparer au privé ou là bizarrement y a les profs qui faut là ou il faut.Cela dit ce gouvernement ne cesse de mentir aussi effrontément que possible semblant partir du principe qu’il y aura toujours un pourcentage non négligeable de gens pour prendre pour argent comptant leur bonne parole donc j’aurais tendance à pas le croire.

Kriszta,Juc,Hexi,Zsóti,,és a többi örökös,és nem örökös! Csak nem gondoltátok,hogy megfeledkezünk rólatok? Szerintem,még tán csuklottatok is.Mert ez nem ám “az” a társaság,szerintem.

fallorca, obrigadat.o r.k.m u.r p h.y, a parte que gosto mais é esta:Tão pesadostão pesadostão taciturnos seus monumentostão impérios, tão quadriláterostão esmagadores bárbaros, tão vociferantes,e nós tão nenúfartão espiga ao ventotão longe do cortejotão mal na cerimóniatão pouco da nossa idade e tanto a passear

SÃ¥ fine bilder av deg, kosliii Ã¥ se. NÃ¥ skal jeg se hva mitt hobbitnavn er …Tigerlily Gamgee-Took of BywaterDet var litt kult da! Tigerlily, jeg pleier Ã¥ kalle meg sjøl for Tigerreka da hahahaha 😉

Mola la siguente frase: “La respuesta no sé si es fiable o no, procede de un profesor de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile, y no tengo aún decidido si he dado con un erudito o con un cachondo. Esta es su explicación.” Hay que ser escéptico! El abc de cualquier blog, felicidades!

why doesn't WMG and all copyright companies just fuck off? it's a major pain in the ass when your videos are copyrighted. and it's also stupid too.

Como dice Don Demiurgo, ahora también hay cosas muy interesantes. Igual el tema que subiste fue impecable. Más que nada la primer versión. Antes había un espectro más amplio. Pero hay bandas desde los 90 hasta ahora que realmente han hecho historia.Saludos gente, abrazo.

Che spasso! La delicatezza con cui descrivi certe contraddizioni ce l’hai solo tu.Accodandomi alle posizioni di manco e di HCE, ti mando un bacione e ti informo che probabilmnete nei prossimi periodi i miei commenti saranno sempre più sporadici, perché starò sempre meno su internet.La foto cmq è in preparazione…ciao!

Laprí: els 450 són els que van per la línia de Sant Vicent de Calders a Sant Celoni (de dos pisos)? Els trens a què jo vaig pujar t’asseguro que no tenen equivalent amb cap tren a què hagi pujat a aquest Estat (ni de rodalies ni de mitjana distància ni de llarga distància, com en diuen ara).A Portugal, on també vaig viatjar en tren i vaig recórrer mig Portugal, els trens eren molt més moderns i còmodes que no pas a Itàlia (o almenys a aquesta línia que vaig agafar jo)

My journeys and experiences have been many. Those trying to sway me one way or another have been many. Those and many other things are what I am today.

There you go guys – nacho laden ladies are awaiting your presence at the Camp Bowie La Playa. I didn’t have the nachos at the La Playa I went to, but they looked good from what I could tell by staring at others‘ plates.

I am happy for him, I remember when jklproductions wanted to colab with me, I wathed a few vids and was like naaa not my cup of tea. DOH! lesson learned.congrats Lucas!

Apparently you just brought me back to reality! I’ve been thinking for some time how nice it will be to stay home when baby arrives because I will have more time to plan recipes and blog. After reading your post I realize more and more of what people keep telling me that I will need to slow down and just enjoy the time with the baby.

I echo Thomas's thoughts on running a fast 5k or even a 4 mile-5 mile race.All my p.b.s came from pushing hard from the start and pushing deep into the pain barrier!I 5K can never feel easy, otherwise your going too slow!Nice photo Ewen you look just like Skippy the Kangaroo :0]

Hi from Oz. Is Alan a novice returning to the novitiate or a student? Anyway I will be praying for their perseverance. We have three novices in Hong Kong Brs Jordan, Francis and Robert. Please pray for them too!

ola eu gostaria muito de ganhar uma lipospiraçao pois nao estou feliz,acho que o meu casamento pode ate acabar por causa da minha forma,eu nao sei mas o que fazer, nao tenho condicao de pagar mim ajude por favor

[..] Argomenti-moda e la black-list. Qualche tempo fa in un altro post parlavo degli argomenti-moda, quella roba totalmente inutile che viene gettata nel calderone mediatico al puro scopo di sollevare un polverone senza senso per lo più per riempire [..]

Dan8nice. Combine with Fiona’s idea, a secure place to post ideas and get feedback from others. lots of other things could be in here too. Member to member special offers etc. $2 a month, who could say no?  

You…are…my…hero!!! I cant believe a touch like this exists by the internet! Its hence veritable, so truthful, and further than that you dont sound approximating an idiot! Conclusively, a big name who knows how to natter on the subject of a subject devoid of sounding comparable a kid who didnt get that bike he hunted used for Christmas.

This is a smart blog. I mean it. You have so much knowledge about this issue, and so much passion. You also know how to make people rally behind it, obviously from the responses. Youve got a design here thats not too flashy, but makes a statement as big as what youre saying. Great job, indeed.

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Etrange comme finalement, une bonne partie de l’opinion, et même Françoise Fressoz, se range aujourd’hui derrière l’avis de Jean-Luc Mélenchon, qui avait osé dire il y a quelques mois, que le Front de Gauche était plus préparé que le PS. Je le crois aisément aujourd’hui. N’est-ce pas ?

Tried the serum last night and immediately felt a difference, this is freaking amazing!!!! (Excuse my french there)Skin is glowing and smooth, so now wait and see how the next weeks go b ut I am very optimistic. Thanks so much for this post!

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Grga, akoze som sa na teba urazila, cakaj nejaky strasny spot, prisna kritika na tvoju osobu, tsss !!!dazdnikova: no neviem neviem, echh, macicka este chvilu ponuri po byte a potom hadam odpusti :)grgu pod nostekom neposteklim, ten odhryzne Micin chvostisko!

that no value was any better than any other value, then isn't the original claim incoherent?For one could just as easily say that all cultures are not equal. One assertion is as good as another, since no value (which such an assertion must be based on, or else it is nothing but meaningless words) is any better than any other.No one culture is better than another, eh? Says who?

I am new to following feeds but I did subscribe through yahoo. I am hoping I did it rignt. I have liked your facebook page and plan to enter the scooter giveaway too!

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Ja, ik baalde een beetje dat het vandaag niet regende omdat ik dit artikel had haha! Probeer uploaden eens via een andere browser. Google Chrome bijvoorbeeld

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I did Kimk. Never saw that video before, done when he was to young for it…but now 21yrs old, almost 22yrs old pictures of our sexy David, would fit like a glove.

Oh thank you, yes that’s it. Well now that we’ve finally met you should drop by sometime and have a proper look..I’d never have believed that of the old Salt!!

We Francji też są otręby, widziałam w Loudenvielle, tylko że to mam mało kalorii (nie wiem czy nie wcale?) więc nie kupiłam. Nie były niestety smakowe jak u nas, tylko same suche, z różnych zbóż. Można by je wziąć jako dodatek, bo błonnik też się przyda. To chyba była cała półka dietetycznych rzeczy. W Loudenvielle jest całkiem dobry sklep. Asiu, czy ty też jesteś na diecie bezglutenowej?

“The AGW denial hoax is on its last legs.”Now if we can only get physics, chemistry, and the decadal temperature trends since the 1970s to agree, we’ll be home and dry. /sarcI’m with Icarus62 and most of the world’s serious scientists on this. If you are not, you have a lot of explaining to do – a Der Bild or Daily Mail story is just not going to cut it.

Bien sûr que la tentation protectionniste démange – non disent-ils, seulement la démondialisation ! Donc il va falloir renoncer au café, au jus d’orange, au chocolat. Et se débrouiller pour boire toute notre production de Bordeaux et de Cognac que nous ne réussirons plus à exporter, ça risque de nous faire beaucoup…

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Somos muchos, seguramente, los que suscribimos tu entrada.Pero otros muchos son felices viendo el fútbol: importantísimos partidos, con polémica y todo, cada vez que hay problemas serios…(pan y circo)

Just a head’s up, the racing flat you tried is the MV2 (squared) rather than the MC2. Also, the blue pair in the picture above is not the Motus, it’s the 2011 Gravity. The 2012 Motus is blue but looks rather different and the denser foam on the medial arch is made of a lightly speckled foam to differentiate the material.Happy running!

Does anybody else remember the good old days when they kept track of how many German-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc., there were in the country? Why don't they forget about "Hispanic" and track today's immigrants by country of origin, as used to be the case?

Io mi ricordo di qualcun’altro che metteva solo i titoli nel suo feed rss “fatto in casa” e che era stato insultato. Dopo diversi mesi aveva sistemato la cosa però.

It seems a little out of date considering that most in the community consider version 2.5 somewhat of a flop and 2.7 a screaming success.Nice to see Matt and the project receiving the recognition they deserve though.

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mm..i’ve hardly seen this purple cauliflower….whatever color it is, i don’t fancy this veg. i’m more for brocolli…but, this pretty color makes my brain tell my mouth not to eat it. cos my tastebuds are telling me it tastes like flowers…who eats raw flowers??

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Hej Fejlen blev rettet med MDT 2010 Update 1. Denne video omhandlede MDT 2010 og der optrådte fejlen. John nævner det også i en kommentar nedenfor, men den bemærkede du måske ikke. Jeg har tilføjet lidt information i artiklen der klargør dette. Med venlige hilsner Per

Très bon billet, bien expliqué et documenté, même pour les néophytes J’ai un problème avec mon BENQ, si tu veux jeter un coup d’oeil je t’ai laissé un lien vers un forum.a+ !

Yes. This is a great tax package, and Capital Gains Tax is sorely needed in this country! Only 3 years, and I'm ready for National to be out of office already!

The Breitbrats have already posted an item complaining about Milk-Gate.Oh I’m sure they have, and THAT would not be news of any sort either.

Daddy, daddy, daddy, he loves to tweak you doesn’t he?Pretty soon you take the show on the road- I can see it now: “Michael Alexander and the world’s largest dummy!!!”(MD) Yeah, that about sums it up. As long as he makes a lot of money at it, It’ll all be worth it.

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My apologies if this isn’t the most interesting question to answer, but I’m quite curious: How many hours (ballpark) would you say you put into writing during any given week? I’d assume this changes dependent on what you’re writing (for a book, for TV, etc.), but even just a rought idea would be nice to know

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uts, "Nah, you would just think that a major American political party might be somewhat representative of the American populace."so you think we should put 50% HS dropouts in congress and more ex-cons in the senate?

The new Zune browser is surprisingly good, but not as good as the iPod’s. It works well, but isn’t as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that’s not an issue, but if you’re planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod’s larger screen and better browser may be important.

I don't watch tv that often but on occasion I do click over to watch The View and I must say that I'd rather be Whoopi rather than Elizabeth Hasselbeck any day. What is Elizabeth's talent again? And why does she insist on being blonde when we all know she looks better as a brunette? I am going to take the quiz to find out who I am too! By the way, I took your button to my blog!

thanks everyone,I’m on my laptop right now. After doing a bone-headed maneuver like resetting my computer – a 3 a.m. panic event after downloading a supposed codec correcting program when my windows media center kept giving me an error message — long story short- I F*d up.- I am really skittish about trying anything on my own at this point.I desp. need a computer person – I’m willing to hire them – for this and future problems – any recommendations? (too cowardly to mess with my computer again.)

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These are all such great ideas and we are already huge fans of the kids Brita bottles – I only wish the company would make extra tops for kids like mine who like to gnaw on them!

Tamy – Oh my goodness Lindsay they are PERFECT pictures!! I always knew your kids were beautiful but these pictures really show it!! I love the family picture, the close up of Alton, Landry in the highchair and um… all of them!!!!!!

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Ik denk dat Obama premier Wilders met een grote lach de hand zal schudden.Tja Mo zo zit de wereld in elkaarMaar goed zover is het nog lang niet, tenzij de islam en de moslim weer eens aan “stemmingsmakerij” doen.zoals Lieke eiegenlijk al stelt Niet Wilders is aan zet maar de islam en de moslims.

The relevant difference between Hitler and the Islamists of today is that when we were fighting the evil of Nazism, there was no concept of "politically correct", or "disproportionate use of force".Can anyone imagine supplying Hitler's Germany with fuel, electricity, and "humanitarian" supplies such as we do to Hamas's Gaza?Or try to imagine D-Day, with CNN on the spot reporting on the thousands of GI casualties in a single day.We simply don't have the stomach anymore to do whatever it takes to fight and win against unadulterated evil the way we once did.Either we regain that, or we are finished.

HiThank you for supporting legislation requiring schools to be proactive in preventing bullying and gangs. Also for supporting the Interstate Compact helps to ease school transfers for children of military families. Please help and support the meidicaid adult dental programs. These cuts are devastating and people are going to end up in the emergency.Thanks Camile

Prior to the season, I thuhogt Anderson could lead us to the playoffs this year. Now, he has 3 bad games with the last one being terrible. He couldn’t read the defense, he couldn’t throw the ball over the line, and he threw as many TDs to the other team as he did to his own. Barring some sort of miracle (which doesn’t happen in Cleveland sports), the Browns are going nowhere this season and there is no sense in waiting to put Quinn in. If they lose to the Bengals, I think Romeo will resign.

Hehe thanks Gregg! isn’t updated that frequently anymore, and I just discovered that the picture links there don’t work. Will ask Mitchie (the maintainer and writer) tomorrow…

Toch zijn het mooie woorden ‘beleven’ en ‘ervaren’. Je moet ze maar eens in hun letterlijke betekenis begrijpen; desnoods nadat je ze twintig keer hebt herhaald in je hoofd. Kijk, je kunt nauurlijk ‘varen’, maar precies op die plek daar ginds varen is ER varen. Een stukje te leven werkelijkheid dat in het verschiet ligt, moet nog worden BE leefd. (betekenen en begrijpen zijn trouwens ook zulke woorden).Ik bedenk ineens dat ik maar dominee word.

I cant believe there are so many brain injuries in the national football league lately. One has to wonrder if its because the league swept it under the rug in past years, or is there a serious equipment problem.

A mi el aguacate me encanta, a pesar de ello rara vez lo compro.No soy muy original para comerlo, esto por eje. me parece super!, tendré que probarlo.Bss.

Hi Helen,Really enjoyed your post. Ahh… it takes me back to the show! Your 108 photos and 3 videos reflects what an epic weekend it was. Looks like you managed to get majority of it covered. Thanks for the great post and look forward to your next. Johanna

A great feature addition! This link discovery feature has helped me to close some open sections of my websites that should not be accessible to the world. It has also helped me to tweak some SEO stuffs. Good Google!

Gulbis et Soderling contre Federer en quart, tu appelle ça« pas d’adversaires qui pourraient réellement déranger voire plus le top 2 jusqu’en demies »?Verdasco contre Nadal en quart, même chose.Je reste sur mon impression que le quart de Tsonga est le plus facile

Salam. Saya tinggal di kuala lumpur dan sedang mencar travel agent yang sanggup menguruskan visa umrah. Saya telah menelefon andalusia dan bebera travel agent lain tapi malangnya semua require to take up their hotels as well. Would appreciate if you can share list of agents in kl if you do know. Hanya allah sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik tuan. Tima kasih

I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already Cheers!

Just a thought (I am in a armchair, Monday morning quarterback and all that) if the suspected shooter is walking away through a large crowd but not threatening or brandishing his weapon, why not just follow the guy to a better location for the OK corral shoot em up? The NYC cops have radios still? I use the same logic when it comes to high speed pursuit in high traffic areas, why do it? Most times they have enough info to find the driver parked somewhere later without killing others on the road.

You are correct in getting the gas cards.Where I live (Victoria, BC), the flights are too expensive.I believe gift cards are the overall best buy on these points.I only belong to Air Miles and Aeroplan.Anyone have good luck with Shoppers?

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D’ailleurs ce sujet m’amène à évoquer le cas Big Mac dont le service de gaucher kické coté avantage était une arme fantastique. Si on avait cloné Mac à l’identique mais en inversant la chiralité des chromosomes (oui je sais c’est n’importe quoi) de façon à ce qu’il soit droitier, aurait-il eu plus qu’un succès d’estime façon Henman ?

Hey Paul,Looking at buying one too, any problems with your ebb (crank) squeaking? Heard this can be an issue, hoping they’ve fixed it in the newer models.Havwe you changed the tires or still on the Kojaks, looking at putting marathon supreme on from the get go.Dave

Congrats on making it into Runners World, seems like most of the great blogs I read were mentioned. Clearly the Runners World people have good taste!Charlie (The Runner Beans) recently posted..

Rob, I’m glad you wrote about MV. It’s a special place for me: As a small kid, I got bit by crabs under the water and from then on have lifelong fear that lobsters in the toilet are going to bite my butt at night.My friend’s were in a (not serious but unusual) ferry accident on their way there to visit me when we were teens.And we celebrated my mom’s 50th there a few years ago, and saw Spike Lee.I’m still a little afraid of lobsters in the toilets.

I beloved as much as you will obtain carried out proper here. The caricature is attractive, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an edginess over that you want be delivering the following. sick definitely come further until now once more as precisely the similar just about very incessantly inside of case you protect this increase.

I love it! This story is fantastic. The realistic dialogue is one of its strong points. It’s has a sad emotional pull behind it. I was hooked from the first line. I was really disappointed there wasn’t more.A few little grammatical errors could be fixed but that’s about it.Good luck!

Great review. I loved the ceremony too, but you saw more into it than I did, even as an Anglophile. Rowan is one of my two favorite comedians and the other (John Cleese) was briefly seen in the montage. Nice work, Danny. I don’t know how he talked the Queen into appearing in the Bond bit but I’m glad he did. It added real (and literal) levity.

Oh Paula you have my sympathies. The last time I got a bug from visiting fellow bloggers it put me out of action for an age. I back EVERYTHING up now! Just been to see your Russian tree decorations and they look great. Your tree will look fab this Christmas. Hope life gets better asap. Hugs, Buttons x

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Så nydelige bilder. Vi har vært på fjelltur og natt til idag kom det faktisk bittelitt snø.En fantastisk høst helg.Klem Tone

Impeachment já! A leitoa vermelha fazendo campanha para o PT com dinheiro público. Assim como o cachaceito corrupto, essa ANTA não tem vergonha na cara, e usa as mordomias pagas com dinheiro do povo para se deslocar a São Paulo e fazer campanha para um petralha. Essa gentalha não tem compostura, não tem vergonha na cara!

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Anne:I asked many people over the past two years about Jerry but never was able to get a good answer. We were taken aback when we learned of his passing. I grew up with Jerry in banking and always considered him a good and loyal friend. He was a geneorus and giving person. We express our condolances and best wishes to you. — Boyd Lindquist

Unfortunately this is a regular campaigning and scare tactic of the SVP (Swiss People’s Party). This isn’t the last time you’ll see such xenophobic nonsense over here.A depicted a black sheep of a Switzerland populated only by white sheep.

disse:Sabe o que é mais engraçado? Até uns 40 anos atrás, nem existia o conceito celulite. Aquilo não tinha nome. Aí inventaram a celulite, obviamente, para poder vender soluções pra ela. Como se não bastasse, agora querem nos convencer que é doença? Ai ai… Fez bem em desligar a televisão, Natalia.

OK then, even if you don’t eat grains or legumes (I glazed over on all the stuff related to those), do check out Anitra’s site for some very cool pantry/kitchen organizing ideas, just to mention one thing. I’ll be going back to see what other goodies there are. BTW, the site freezes IE dead in its tracks but is perfect with Firefox.And Gregg – cold shower dude. LOL! Better still, write a song about it.Current score: 0

O i to jest coś czego nie tknę nawet patykiem :) Nie, nie dlatego że jest niesmaczne, ale dlatego że to ryba, w dodatku surowa :)Fuj :)Za to Dawida uwiodłabyś do siódmego nieba :)Pozdrowienia dla Waszej Trójcy :)

Hi Lisa,We just love Garlic Mash Potatoes and your recipe looks delicious. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you are having a great week end!Come Back Soon!Miz Helen

Since my comment was censored under your white people are dumb post, I will no longer be reading.There was nothing foul or wrong with my comment and there was no reason for it to be censored. You are what is wrong with this world–picking and choosing what is acceptable to be heard. Ridiculous!

yeah, memory is tricky. Most of the times you just remember a feeling, or a smell, or a window. At least we have the pictures… :)@Béranger: friiiiieeeees!!! I want some so bad right now! :))@Gracie: oh, Berlin is fantastic! I’d move there tomorrow if I had the chance – no regrets, no looking back. Glad to see that you’re back home and I can hardly wait to read about your holiday!

Most apps suck on the Android open system and you are always need to worry about malware. Where do go to get the phone fixed if something goes wrong? Oh right, at my local Samsung store (in Korea!!) Specs don’t mean anything if you have a problem or if it gets stolen. How many news stories have you heard of an Android phone being recovered from theft? That’s right…zero. How about putting the GN2 in water?

Thanks for the tutorial, Kristen! This dress looks super comfy. I love Piper’s boots in these pictures. Any chance she picked her shoes for the day?

Det som är lite festligt är ju att han omedvetet sätter spetsen pÃ¥ det som var fel med monopolet, att det fanns sÃ¥ fÃ¥ av dem. Han stÃ¥r mitt inne i Sthlm och har (i hans värld) bara ett apotek att välja pÃ¥ annars fÃ¥r han dra till Bagarmossen…Nu bor jag inte i Sthlm men nog borde det väl finnas fler i närheten?

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Getting to the root of a dfulicfit situation begins with looking for the answer. While may seem hard to comprehend but a lot hard times exist from the premise, not the conclusion.

I just saw the list, it is mostly directors, writers, producers, a few actors sprinkled in for good measure. I saw no notable actors as of yet on this list, so it is just as well Rob was not on it. However, I did see two actors on it from The Games of Thorns which is my new obsession, however, they are not in Rob's stratsophere yet or possibly never. Rob has that "It" factor going for him plus his incredible good looks.

You have officially secured your spot in the best most charitable friends hall of fame! No one should go through life without experiencing the gloriousness that is a S’more (or 5 in one sitting )

Surface costa come l’ipad… in più windows è un sistema chiuso e nonostante tutto soggetto a malware … mi sembra che il loro sistema unisca i due aspetti negativi in un solo dispositivo

hmmm … proponuje wprowadzic podzial publikacji ze wzgledu na stopien zaawansowanie uzytkownika, tak zebym nawet nie musial tytuly czytac czegos takiego … "instalcja ubuntu …" po kija to publikowac …

what I was going to say but daammmmm They had No Plans what so ever!!! The Goverment was ok with this guy going to another planet and seeking life!!!! Whatttttt???????I would have thought a million times

You’re absolutely right, Miss Ruth. Banning guns is a special agenda of the left to talk away our freedom and they will use any tragedy to try get it done. People need to be held to account for what they have done, not the weapons they use.

Which one of our pubs? The currently hold a regular quiz night, some of our other pubs hold them irregularly. Your best bet is to contact the pub direct. See .

Gente , parabéns mesmo ! Vocês são , sem dúvidas , o melhor site de series on line :33 E que final foi esse ? O.o to megaaaaa ansiosa pra 6º temporada. Quando vai ser lançada , alguém ai sabe ?

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I think you're busy enough handling 2 blogs and a day job. don't forget,you also have a personal life to live and a family to spend time with. best regards!

Youtube thumbs rating a THUMBS DOWN! Will a hundred thousand thumbs down get their attention? I hate the new youtube layout and the new rating system. I doubt I will ever get use to it. Maybe if they get enough criticism they will return to the 'old' youtube that everyone knows and loves.

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Im lost for words when i saw the 1st pic. Its just gorgeous. I was curious of its whereabouts until i scrolled to the last part of your writings, Bagan Lalang. How could i have missed such a beatiful place. Just shows the many beautiful resorts and recreational areas that we're unaware off in our very own backyard, at least I wasnt tsk tsk. Thank you for opening up my eyes Bella. Will definitely pay a visit to the Golden Palm Tree Resort in the near future. Huhuhuhuh :p

I just couldn’t go away your web site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the usual information a person provide on your guests? Is gonna be back frequently to check out new posts.

This video was awesome ~ I was especially attached to it because I lived on 31st STreet between 2nd and 3rd Ave for a number of years… oh I miss NYC lifestyle sometimes. Well done Joe. I make fun music videos in Los Angeles for little money as well sometimes. I’ll gladly share on my Vimeo Page MadCapperStudios.

Si está en este listado esa zona es más por su presencia en el pasado que porque la haya recolonizado. Se ha considerado zona lobera todo aquél término municipal en el que hay citas históricas recientes, lo que no quiere decir que haya lobos en todos esos municipios. Es cierto que tras retroceder la ganadería, aumentar el matorral y con él el corzo y el jabalí, muchos de esos lugares (al igual que tierras de trigales) están siendo recolonizadas por nuevas poblaciones y no sería de extrañar que lo hagan en esas sierras.

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